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I work really hard but get bad grades

I work really hard but get bad grades


I Study Hard, So Why Do I Get Bad Grades?

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Why Smart Kids Get Bad Grades

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I'm so scared to go back to school. I got bad grades when I tried so hard, I feel like I'm going to be a disappointment again.

Bad grades? I'm proof you can beat them and become a success

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How to Hide a Bad Grade or Report Card from Your Parents

"Baldo, these grades are unacceptable! Look, son, your life isn't going to be easy. If you want success, you're gonna have to work extra hard."

Most parents expect the occasional dip in grades — a C here and there when a new concept is taught, a book report left to the last minute that earns a ...

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Grew up poor. Bad grades in school. No college. Just hard work and relentless determination

If My Grades Are Bad, Can I Still Go To College?

By Hunter Maats and Katie O'Brien. Everybody knows that getting straight A 's is hard work.


The un-named father held up a sign urging his son Thomas to work harder

wikiHow Video: How to Deal With a Bad Grade

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Need More Teachers Like This.

Benedict Cumberbatch got lazy after his GCSEs

How To Study Using The Spaced Practice Method

Study HARD Study SMART - Motivational Video on How to Study EFFECTIVELY

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Why Girls Tend to Get Better Grades Than Boys Do

How To Study Smarter, Not Harder - From How We Learn by Benedict Carey

if I get bad grades can I still go to college

Mom helps son with Homework

How to Motivate Students to Work Harder

7th grade worst year

desktop with electronic device and black coffee cup with "hustle" on it; quote. So what is this whole “bad grades ...

Why You Shouldn't Pay Children for Grades

You Think You Know Grades? Here's How They Really Work

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The Rich Don't Work for Money

322 x 214

How Do I Calculate My "Real" GPA?

Cause and Effect of not Studying for an Exam

Get Into Grad School Despite Low Grades. More. Mid adult working from home on a laptop and drinking a hot cup of tea.

Can I appeal against bad grades?

Learn How to Get Accepted Into College With a Low GPA | Best Colleges | US News

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Why “C” Students Are More Successful Than “A” Students

Learnt for 6 hours for one test, got a bad grade, and mom tells me that i ...

Bad grades don't define you ♡ on We Heart It | The life of a student | Study motivation quotes, Study motivation, Exam motivation

12 signs you're in the wrong college major — even if it doesn't feel like it

The Myth of 'I'm Bad at Math'

I got an All India Rank of 4446 in GATE 2017. This rank would give you some new NITs for doing M.Tech but for PSUs one has to score at least around AIR 200.

You can even make a game out of it, play music to take a break and take enough time to ask yourself about what you have gained at the end of the day.

BAD GRADES!! how to tell your parents you got bad grades!

In the real world, the one past the boundary walls of our university campus, hard work counts 80% of the time, the rest lies in how good you are at social ...

Check your grades online.

A level results 2016 by subjects

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You said, “they had enough time to study, “and you added that “they did not complete their work,” etc. I think I knew what you wanted me to say.

Sumner Parent Feb.

Pros and Cons of the IB Header

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Lost and confused is normal. You are not alone.

Never stop believing in yourself ♥ on We Heart It

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Study quotes shared by Khangal_weheartit on We Heart It

how to survive bad grades in law school Bad Grades, Law School, Work Hard

I was really bad at sports in high school. This study helps me understand why.

All you need is to assemble your thoughts together and know why you want more explanations before you finally show up in his or her office.

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"Maybe I'd get better grades, Dad, if you came up with some kind of stimulus package."

The truth is, no lecturer or examiner will see such extra work and not try to take note of such intellectual student.

April 2019


ivy league grades

A New Kind of Classroom: No Grades, No Failing, No Hurry

Get help.

The pitfalls of becoming an architect?

How to Get a Good Grade on a Math Test

Editor's note: This post is a submission to Fordham's 2018 Wonkathon. We asked assorted education policy experts whether our graduation requirements need to ...

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Parents can let freshmen have some independence but should still provide support to help teens succeed, one expert says. (Hero Images/Getty Images)

Report cards and grade point average measure years of work on hundreds of assignments from dozens of teachers whereas a high ...

There's one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don't

... are also working on, rub minds together on your latest findings and it wouldn't be bad to become a friend to a fellow outstanding student.

Do Smartphones Have a Place in the Classroom?

Ggirl studying and reading books at school

Pick your poison... law school is hard work, and one of the best times you'll ever have:)

It does not work that way. Keep calm. You need to understand how to read to absorb at your convenient pace and that will take me to habit number 2 habit of ...

Who said that you are intelligent?

The world is full of people who got bad results during school and college times but they never let it derail their confidence level, instead they worked ...